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The new version of Snow White


This is a modern version of the old tale of Snow White. Snow White was a young and pleasant girl from the suburbs. She tried not to cause any harm in any sort of way. She had a nice house, and a pretty good job. One problem was that she could not find love. She had boyfriends, but could not keep a steady relationship with them. There was also something wrong with them. Shy did not know how to keep a conversation. His whole life was an awkward silence. Cocky made her feel horrible about herself. He always had a mirror with him so he could look at himself. Funny was insulting too many times. What seemed like a joke to others was really a slur to her. Sneaky did not last long at all. He was caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to do a week into the relationship. Abuse did not get far either. He literally caused too much pain. Broke asked for too much and Emotional was going through too much to be in a steady relationship. There was one person she had met that caught her eye though. She had never been in a relationship with him but she knew he was prefect. His name was Prince. He was gorgeous and perfect.  Her boyfriends were all generally decent people, expect for Abuse but they really were not her main problem. Her sister was the main problem. Her name was Queen and she was so mean. She was jealous of Snow White for being so pretty so she tried to destroy her. She always found ways to sabotage her relationships. She had her ways of stealing her men. Shy was not even a problem for Queen. She simply asked him not to talk to her anymore and that was that. He was too shy to ask why or to tell Snow White the truth. Cocky found Queen attractive and cocky enough to leave Snow White. Funny thought that Queen was funny with the so call jokes that she would say about Snow White. Sneaky was probably easiest to get. Once again, the relationship lasted only for a week. Abuse was not even in the question for Queen to get, he had to go. For Broke, Queen just wrote him a nice check that said ‘break-up money’. Emotional was another easy one to get, he cried for the longest time when Queen told him that Snow White had found someone else. Snow White was through with Queens’s ways and she did not want the same to happen if she ever talked to Prince. So she gathered all her ex-boyfriends around one day to let them know. She told them the truth about Queen and they were terribly sorry that they had fallen for her tricks, especially Emotional. They wanted to make it up to her. It just so happens that all of them know the perfect guy for her that would make her happy. Guess who it was? Prince! So she met Prince and things were great. He was in fact the perfect guy for her. She felt completely happy for once. But of course happiness did not last long. Queen found out about the relationship with Prince and Snow White. She was not happy. She just had to ruin it for her. One day when Prince was alone, Queen came along and started to flirt with him. It was not working and it was making her anger. So she did the unthinkable. She told Prince that Snow White was cheating on him with all the 7 ex-boyfriends. And he instantly believed her. They all had history so it was easy to believe. So he broke up with her and said he never wanted to see her again. She died inside that day. He was her everything. She went to tell her exes and they got furious. Another guy falling for that girls tricks! They instantly went to talk to Prince. After a while he came to in understanding with them and realized that Queen was wrong and Snow White was perfect. He took her back and she was happy again. And they lived happily ever after…for a month and then they broke up. Remember, this is a modern tale of the story.

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